Comox Valley Wheelchair Sports

We are Back!!!

Join us Tuesday September 14th, 2021 7-9pm at Comox Recreation Center for basketball.

Stay safe, continue to move your body, enjoy the outdoors and check back with us for the latest!

Starting 13 Sep 2021, proof of vaccine will be mandatory to access Comox Rec. center.

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This page is all about wheelchair sports in Comox Valley

Without the positive and generous support of our community we could not have this opportunity.
Many thanks go to the Comox Community Centre who have opened their doors and assist us to play.

Wheelchair sports, is it for you? Did you know that many participants are either able-bodied or have a disability that allows them to walk, such as amputation, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or arthritis? Many possible participants, however, often do not realize that they are eligible to play wheelchair sports. Check out this video from BC Wheelchair Basketball and BC Wheelchair Sport in conjunction with Bridging the Gap: You don’t need to use a wheelchair to play wheelchair sports

Home of the Comox Valley Coyotes  wheelchair basketball team

It is with the tremendous support and encouragement of the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society that we have been able to continue to explore and enjoy this sport.

Wheelchair basketball is being played each Tuesday at 7 – 9PM in the Comox Community Centre Gym A.

We play September till June .

Fall season: (September to December 2019) Adult: $45.00 Junior (12-18): $30.00Winter/Spring Season (January to June 2020) Adult: $50.00 Junior (under 12-18): $35.00

***Guest: $3.00 drop-in fee to Comox Valley Wheelchair Sports (CVWSS).
**** We are happy to have you attend your first time free!

The following dates will have no basketball as the gym is not available:
To be announced

Please contact us via email to ensure that we are playing!
If we do not have sufficient players, we may not be there.

How it works:
In order to play you need to be able to:

  • Pass and catch a basketball a minimum distance of five (5) feet
  • Be able to independently maneuver a manual sport wheelchair
  • Be able to take direction and act on it
  • Be able to participate as an active member of the team
  • Be a positive influence on the team

You can try out the sport at one of our practices. After attending your first time free, you will need to become a member of the Comox Valley Wheelchair Sports Society.

A bit about us:
Our team is made up of a group of enthusiastic people. We have players from age 12 to senior . It is just plain that much fun!
We enjoy playing a team sport. We are classed as an adult (12+) Recreational “Active for Life” wheelchair basketball club with BC Wheelchair Basketball Society.
Playing wheelchair basketball allows us to still play a team sport, especially since many of us could not necessarily do so without the wheelchair. Some of us enjoy playing wheelchair basketball, even though we don’t normally use a wheelchair. The inclusion of people without mobility challenges allows our team to exist. The diversity of our different abilities makes our games interesting.
Our team plays to have fun, and in the mean time we have begun to get fairly good at playing wheelchair basketball, How delightful for us!

We try to have equipment that will accommodate most players although sometimes a player’s needs may be specific. For example, most of our wheelchairs have size (15-18) and weight limits (200 or 250 lbs), or there may be reasons that a player may need a special adaptation.
Don’t be discouraged! If you will require specialised equipment we will try to assist you to connect with BCWBS or BCWSA as they may be able to rent you the specific equipment you need.

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Interested in more information? Contact us with this email address. or on our Facebook page .